Ukraine and Russia have exchanged detainees by guards

Ukraine and Russia have exchanged detainees by guards

MOSCOW, 2 Mar — RIA Novosti. Moscow gave Kiev two Ukrainian border guards in exchange for two Russian, said the FSB.

The exchange took place in the area of the checkpoint “nehoteevka” in the Belgorod region. The Ukrainian side has given Russia the border guards of Vladimir Kuznetsov and Askar Koulouba contained in the Kherson pre-trial detention since June last year.

Kiev gave the officers of the State border service, Zubaka and Marcona arrested last October for illegally crossing the Russian border.

Detention guards

The FSB reported that two Crimean border guards on the night of June 30, strayed from the route and came to the territory of Ukraine. The Department explained that the Russian-Ukrainian border training exercises. The incident occurred near the city of Armyansk.

The Ukrainian security services claimed that the Deputy chief of the reserve of the Outpost, a military unit Askar Kulov and the chief of film logical group Vladimir Kuznetsov — from December 2016 to 30 June 2017 “carried out service tasks in the interests of Russia” to change the Ukrainian border.

As for the Ukrainian border guards, in early October, they went to the Russian territory during the “monitoring the border with Russia” and was captured Bryansk colleagues. Subsequently, they were charged with illegal border crossing. Ukrainian authorities announced the kidnapping.