In the US, the journalists defended their Russian colleagues from the attacks of the state Department

In the US, the journalists defended their Russian colleagues from the attacks of the state Department

MOSCOW, 2 Mar — RIA Novosti. The official representative of Gosdepartamenta Heather Nauert at the briefing refused to communicate with Russian journalists. Then the American correspondents stood up for the Russian colleagues.

During the press conference, the journalist of TV channel “Russia 1” said, will the Washington talks with Moscow on global security issues and nuclear weapons after the message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly in which he announced the development of new types of strategic weapons.

“You want to ask, do we stop the discussion? Of course it bothers you when you see in the video how the Russian government is attacking the United States. Don’t think that’s very constructive or responsible. This will be limited” — said Nauert.

The journalist of the Russian First channel tried to argue that the video was not shown that the missiles attacking the United States. Nauert refused to answer this question.

“Oh, you from Russia too? Clear everything with you. Go ahead”, she said.

State Dept. spokesperson Heather Nauert dismisses questions from Russian reporters: “You’re from Russian TV too? Okay. Enough said, then.”

— ABC News (@ABC) March 1, 2018.

Reacted to CNN correspondent. “They are not Russian officials. They just asked about Russia,” she said.

“Really? OK. We know that RT and other so-called news organizations are funded and receive instructions from the Russian government. So I don’t have much tolerance…” — said Nauert, but did not complete the sentence because she was interrupted.

. In the hall began a verbal altercation, after which one of the most respected American journalists — Matt Lee of the associated Press repeated the question a Russian colleague. He noticed that shots are seen hitting rockets at US.

“It certainly looks so. Might want to look again. Clearly, what is their purpose”, — said the representative of the state Department.


This is not the first time Russian journalists have become the target of attacks by state Department officials. And under the former and under the present administration accused the Kremlin and treat them differently than employees of other media.