The residents of Eastern ghouta are asking human rights defenders to help them leave the region

© REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki DAMASCUS, March 1. /TASS/. The civilians of Eastern ghouta mass contact with representatives of the Syrian human rights organizations with a request to assist in their withdrawal from the territories captured by the militants, said by Russian journalists the representative of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria the General-major Vladimir Zolotukhin.

Genes or lifestyle: what influences our microbiome?

Genes or lifestyle: what influences our microbiome? The age-old dichotomy of nature and nurture and got to the microbiome — personal set of beneficial bacteria contained in our body. Studies, one after the other, show that the microbiome affects all aspects of our lives, and its composition, which varies in different people, it could be a key factor in many issues ranging from weight gain to mood. Some scientists believe that the composition of the microbiome is determined by our genes, but large-scale study conducted at the Weizmann Institute, puts this idea into question. The working hypothesis assumed that genetics is crucial to identify differences in the microbiome of people. According to her it is the genes that determine a habitat for microorganisms and also their varieties, which will be “allowed” to live and grow. However, what was the surprise of the researchers when they found that genetics only determines

On the skin of Egyptian mummies was found the most ancient tattoos

On the skin of Egyptian mummies was found the most ancient tattoos Scientists have discovered the oldest figurative tattoo on the skin of two Egyptian mummies 5,000 years old. On the upper arm of the mummy of the men depicted wild ox and Barbary sheep. On the upper arm and shoulder of the mummy women shows a pattern of characters similar to the Latin letter S. Still considered the most ancient tattoos, made 4,000 years ago. Details of the tattooed Egyptian mummies published in the Journal of Archaeological Science. Daniel Antoine, curator of physical anthropology at the British Museum and one of the main authors of the study of mummies, says that this discovery completely changed our understanding of how people lived in that era. Now we learn new details of how people lived then. These mummies are very well preserved.Daniel Antoine The mummy of a man was found 100

The failure of the day. The loader has destroyed a pallet of beer cans

The failure of the day. The loader has destroyed a pallet of beer cans That feeling when the week was not set from its first day. During the download an error has occurred. Where do the empty beer cans? Collect them, neatly folded and sent for recycling. The task of the movers gently move the pallet with a large number of jars on it. The rows of cans together are not fixed, so during the turns have to be especially careful and take into account the effect of physical forces on a floating object. But on Monday, February 26, something went wrong: this guy had one job, and he very gracefully failed. It seems better transportation would manage even this robot.

Source: the difference of 27 kg seized “the Argentine” cocaine due to the weight of suitcases

Source: the difference of 27 kg seized “the Argentine” cocaine due to the weight of suitcases The FSB has led the net weight of the seized drugs, said the source TASS. MOSCOW, March 1. /TASS/. The difference in weight of cocaine seized in one of the buildings of the Russian Embassy in Argentina, stems from the fact that the Russian foreign Ministry cited data on the total weight of cargo (gross weight), and FSB — about the weight only of drugs (net). About this TASS said a source close to the investigation. Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry said that law enforcement agencies of Russia and Argentina conducted a joint operation to curb the supply channel 389 kg of cocaine to the European market. At the same time, the FSB of Russia reported that the weight of the seized drugs amounted to 362 kg. The difference is 27 kg due to

The machine in the fist from the red cyclists to fighters of special forces “Vityaz”

Fighters of special forces “Vityaz” © Yury Mukhin/Asgardia At the end of February in the army national guard celebrated the 100th anniversary of the creation of the 1st regiment of the division of operational use named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky. This famous military unit in the view of many is today the hallmark of modern Resguardo. Moscow recent history it is hard to imagine without the soldiers and officers of the division whose service never paraded.