“Nobody listened to us”. Putin presented the new developments of Russian nuclear weapons

“Nobody listened to us”. Putin presented the new developments of Russian nuclear weapons

In the message to the Federal Assembly the President discuss in more detail not only on the traditional issues of economic and social development. Great attention was paid to the new types of weapons designed to be protected from the actions of Western countries.


Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly. Only on the second hour of his speech he presented the latest developments of Russian military-industrial complex.

One of the brightest Prime Minister became a hypersonic aircraft complex, which was named “the Dagger”. The system has been tested at the end of 2017 and put into service.

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“Important was the creation of high-precision hypersonic air-missile system, also not having analogues in the world, the test is successfully completed, and moreover, since 1 December last year, the complex started to perform experimental combat duty on the bases of the southern military district”, — said Putin.

He noted that Russia has in recent years worked hard on a promising strategic arms.

“This allowed us to make a rapid big step in the creation of new industries of strategic weapons,” — said the head of state. He stressed that such actions were a response to the call from the United States.

“One of the parties, namely the United States, increasing the number of missiles, improving their quality characteristics, to create a new position areas, which in the end, if we will not do anything that will lead to the complete devaluation of the Russian nuclear potential,” — said Putin.

Nuclear weapons

The President also said that Russian weapons experts has developed a small heavy-duty nuclear power plants, which can be placed in a cruise missile that would give it virtually unlimited range and invulnerability to anti-missile and air defense.

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“We started developing these new types of strategic weapons which do not use ballistic trajectory when moving to the target, and therefore a missile defense system in the fight against them is useless and pointless… just One of them is the development of compact heavy duty nuclear power plant, which is located in the housing of cruise missiles such as our newest Kh-101 air-launched or American “Tomahawk”, but provides ten times greater range that is virtually unlimited,” said Putin.

NewsPutin presented the Russian military lasertube the use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies will be considered a nuclear attack, the response will be immediate, Putin warned.

“Russia reserves right to use nuclear weapons only in response to application against it or allies of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction. Or in the case of aggression against us using conventional weapons, a threat to the very existence of the state. I consider it my duty to state the following: any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies, small, medium acceptable but what power we will examine how a nuclear attack on our country. The answer is immediate and with all the ensuing consequences,” — said the President.

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To build nuclear weapons, none of the foreign partners did not want to actually talk with Russia, they should listen now, Putin said.

“Why are we doing this, why are we talking about? We have made no secret of our plans, and spoke openly about it and to first of all encourage our partners to negotiate. Again, this was 2004. Also surprisingly, despite all the challenges we faced in the economy, Finance, defense industry, the army — after all, Russia was and remains the largest nuclear power”.

Don’t forget, we’re essentially didn’t want to talk. Nobody listened to us. Now, listen,” — said Putin.

Missiles and underwater drones

During the President’s speech to the Federal Assembly on the screens was shown a launch of ICBM “Sarmat”. Such as part of the message occurred for the first time. “The “Governors” (heavy Intercontinental ballistic missile) has a range of 11 000 km, a new system of restrictions on the range there are practically no”, — said the President after the demonstration flight model “sarmata”.

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He drew attention that “Sarmat,” capable of attacking targets both through the North and through the South pole. “Sarmat” is a very dangerous weapon. Because of its characteristics of no, even promising missile defense system, it is not a hindrance, — said the President of Russia.

In Russia created an underwater drone to very great depths and Intercontinental distances, which can move at speeds that are multiples of exceeding the current values of all ships, “it’s just fantastic,” said the President.

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“I can say that in Russia developed unmanned underwater vehicles that can move at great depth, at a very great depth and Intercontinental range at a speed multiple of exceeding the speed of submarines, torpedoes and all kinds of even the most high-speed surface ships — it’s just fantastic,” said Putin.

The name for the new Russian cruise missile and submarine system with nuclear power has not been chosen, they can offer on the websites of the defense Ministry, he added.

“Conventional names for these two new types of strategic weapons in Russia — a cruise missile global range and an unmanned underwater vehicle — not yet selected. We are waiting for proposals on the websites of the Ministry of defence,” — said Putin.

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Defense spending

As reported to journalists by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, the increase in defense spending in connection with the adoption of new weapons systems is not planned.