Figures of the “cocaine business” stated his innocence

Figures of the “cocaine business” stated his innocence

Figures of the “cocaine business” Vladimir Kalmykov and Istimer Khudzhamov, currently in jail, do not consider themselves guilty of drug smuggling. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow eve Mercacio.

According to her, the Kalmyks sure that it will soon release as against it has no evidence.

“Says that all life was a law-abiding citizen that he was simply asked to carry boxes and cocaine in his life never seen, only in the movies,” said Markachev about the suspect.

She also noted that Istimer Khudzhamov also goes on to talk about his own innocence, but cannot explain, as was the defendant in the case. Medico-psychological examination he has passed. Markachev assumes that any deviations it is not revealed.

“Istimer Khudzhamov, as the second prisoner is in jail No. 5. Not to say that he’s in a big shock from the arrest. Behaves well balanced and calm. Claims that he was framed, and the whole thing is just a big provocation”, — said Markachev.

Earlier, the Russian Andrei Kovalchuk, who is wanted on charges of smuggling drugs out of Argentina, reiterated his innocence.