In Europe, due to the cold has killed 49 people

In Europe, due to the cold has killed 49 people

Moscow. March 1. INTERFAX.RU — During the severe cold in Europe killed at least 49 people, according to U.K. media.


According to the TV channel Euronews, the most people died from cold in Poland. The police of this country announced that in February died from hypothermia of 32 people, most of them — at the end of the month, when the country began a severe cold.

In the Czech Republic the victims of cold steel eight people, says the Agency EFE. In Italy the cold and died a couple of homeless: one in Milan, one in Ferrara. In France, where the homeless provide housing during the cold weather, with Friday killed four people.

British media reported that the city is Welling to London, he died a man who was pulled out of a frozen lake, from which he was trying to save his dog.

One person died from the cold in the Spanish province of Asturias. An elderly man died after falling through the ice, riding on the river near the city hunk in the South-West of the Netherlands, writing in Dutch media.

It also reported deaths in Slovenia and Serbia, but the exact number of victims is not given.

Unusually cold and the snow came to Europe at the end of last week. In many countries, they caused disruptions in the transport sector.

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