Washington opened the area Nemtsov

Washington opened the area Nemtsov

WASHINGTON, 27 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the US capital on Tuesday opened the area of Boris Nemtsov (Boris Nemtsov Plaza), the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Opening special signs with the new name commemorates the third anniversary of the assassination policy.

Huge media presence here outside of Russian Embassy… DC Council renamed the small stretch of Wisconsin Ave as “Boris Nemtsov Plaza,” in honor of Russian human rights advocate assassinated in 2015… @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/mkEmYKJ2nb

— Evan Koslof (@ekoslof) 27 Feb 2018

Area, or rather a small intersection, is opposite the main entrance to the Russian Embassy in Washington.

The ceremony was attended by about 100 people, half of whom were American and foreign media. Among the participants were members of the U.S. Congress, state Department officials, the legislative Assembly of Washington and the administration of the Russian Diaspora, as well as Nemtsov’s daughter Zhanna.

Informed decision about renaming this place was made by the city Council of Washington. Local authorities earlier said that this step “represents the commitment of the city democracy.”

The original proposal to name one of the areas of Washington in the name of Nemtsov was nominated in 2016, Republican Senator from Florida, Marc Rubio. The city Council of Washington, DC, in early January unanimously approved a bill to rename the square in front of the Russian Embassy.

The first Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Jabbarov, commenting on the decision of the authorities of Washington, said earlier that the United States attempt to oppose the Russian government Boris Nemtsov immoral and has no appeal in Russia.

Nemtsov was shot dead in Central Moscow on the night of 28 February 2015.