A case of embezzlement during the reconstruction of Solovetsky monastery

A case of embezzlement during the reconstruction of Solovetsky monastery

In St. Petersburg the employees of the Central apparatus of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has carried out searches and seized documents at offices of construction and restoration companies “Baltstroy” and “Distroy”.

Investigative actions were carried out in the framework of the criminal case of major embezzlement of funds allocated from the budget for the reconstruction of the ensemble of the Solovetsky monastery.

A criminal case under part 4 St. 159 criminal code (fraud in especially large size) was brought to the TFR on the results of checks carried out on Solovki Prosecutor of the Arkhangelsk region on behalf of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Restoration of the Solovetsky monastery began in 2012, and it was planned that the work will be completed by 2020. The total cost recovery of nearly 70 objects of cultural heritage is estimated at 6 billion rubles. for a Long time the restoration is mainly engaged in JSC “Baltstroy”. In 2016, a significant portion of the contracts passed to OOO “Distroy”.

Already in 2017, the prosecutors have identified a number of financial violations allegedly committed by construction companies in the execution of contracts: the cost of restoration of several objects has been overestimated, as part of the work was done only on paper. And the money for fictitious reconstruction was already transferred to the accounts of contractors. According to preliminary calculations, the investigation, the damage amounted to no less than 20 million rubles. According to unofficial reports, the fraud case during the restoration of the Solovetsky monastery was instituted on the fact of the crime and the real defendants in this yet. Representatives of the construction organizations not comment on the situation.

Vladislav Litovchenko, Saint Petersburg