Titov: several businessmen from the “the London list” can return to Russia

Titov: several businessmen from the “the London list” can return to Russia

KHABAROVSK, Feb 26 — RIA Novosti. Three or four entrepreneurs from the “the London list” in the near future can return to Russia, said the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation, Ombudsman for entrepreneurs Boris Titov to journalists on Monday.

Previously, the business Ombudsman announced the names of 16 businesses that are hiding from Russian justice in the UK and other countries, but would like to return home. Titov, 23 Feb wrote that Andrew Kokovkin became the first businessman from his “London list”, which returned to Russia.

“Things are progressing, with the first entrepreneur has already met. I believe that everything is normal, there was his return to Russia, and all will be well in his case. There trumped charges. The case could wind up before the court. Other processes are. We analyze, examination of each treatment. I think that in the near future, 3-4 person also can go,” — said Titov.

As said earlier the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, “the London list” was received in the Kremlin, he will be worked through in consultation with relevant law enforcement agencies. According to Peskov, “a General approach is probably unlikely to expect” and “each case must be considered separately”.

Monday Titov is located in Khabarovsk, where he visited industrial Park “Avangard”, included in TOR “Khabarovsk”, and held a meeting with businessmen of the Far East.

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