The authors of The National Interest predicted a new big war

The authors of The National Interest predicted a new big war

The current situation in the middle East suggests that by 2019 between Iran and Israel could erupt into war. With such a forecast in the pages of The National Interest was made by the specialist in national security, a former employee of the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George Bushma Raymond Tanter and expert on international relations Ivan Sascha Sheehan.

“In January 2018, we wondered: will the 2018 revolution in Iran. Now we ask: will Israel and Iran fight by 2019,” write the authors.

From their point of view, a direct conflict is not just looming on the horizon, it is “already happening”. We are talking about a situation unfolding about two weeks ago. When Israel shot down an Iranian drone, launched from Syria, then attacked Iranian targets in its territory.

It ended up that the Syrian air defense downed an Israeli F-16 fighter.

The authors recalled that the then Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif exchanged threats.

Netanyahu at the Munich security conference, referring to the Iranian “dictator” and urged “not to test the resolve of Israel.” Zarif, speaking a few hours later, said that he witnessed a “cartoon circus”, which doesn’t deserve to be paid attention.

“These events would be the initial scenes of the new larger scale war if Tehran will continue to attempt to strengthen its presence in Syria after the “victory” over the “Islamic state”*, — say the authors.

In their opinion, a possible conflict will also involve “the forces of popular mobilization”, uniting in the first place some of the Iraqi Shiite armed groups, supported by the elite Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard corps.

From the point of view Cantera and Sheehan, in the current situation the United States should give more serious support to Israel, including through the supply of weapons.

*-a group banned in Russia.