The new tactics of the Russian army showed in the video

The new tactics of the Russian army showed in the video

The Ministry of defense of Russia presented a video of the exercises at the site Pogonovo near Voronezh. There showed new tactics shock of firing circuits at large distances. Video posted on YouTube.

This technique involves the Association of the different types and kinds of troops under one command for the execution of combat tasks. At the Pogonovo military worked the episode of the struggle with the enemy artillery with the elusive bait.

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During the exercise, the tanks opened fire from concealed positions, and then moved forward. Meanwhile, a hypothetical enemy fired at an empty tank trenches to find themselves. Then the location of the guns spotted the drones and radar artillery reconnaissance, and then fire on enemy targets was opened from howitzers and self-propelled guns. “The peculiarity of the exercise was a unique method to engage targets at ranges up to 12 kilometers,” — quotes the Russian newspaper the words of the Deputy commander of the army the General-major Timur, Trubiano.

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