In Moscow, arrested three people for “cocaine case”

In Moscow, arrested three people for “cocaine case”

The Tver court of Moscow arrested three people on charges of trying to smuggle drugs out of Argentina, told RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

The decision handed down on 13 December last year, but journalists became known about it only now. The arrest of the defendants in the case was extended until April.

Vladimir Kalmykov, Istimara Khudzhamov and Ali Ablanovo was charged with attempted trafficking and drug smuggling. They face long prison terms.

As the Minister of security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich, the intelligence services of both countries managed to stop the delivery to Moscow of 389 kilograms of cocaine. In Argentina arrested several people, including members of the local police and a native of Russia. Bags of drugs found in the territory of the Russian Embassy. At the same time of the discovery police reported themselves diplomats.

During the RAID, cocaine was replaced with flour, in bags placed GPS trackers, after which the police began to listen to phone conversations of people involved in drug trafficking. The value of the confiscated drugs on the black market is estimated at 50 million euros.

?Las valijas fueron acondicionadas. Los investigadores vigilaban atentos para así poder desarticular la organización criminal. #OperativoDoceReinas #narcotráfico #BuenosAires #Caracas

— Gendarmería Nacional (@gendarmeria) 22 Feb 2018