The investigation is looking for other persons involved in the “cocaine case”

The investigation is looking for other persons involved in the “cocaine case”

The investigation is looking for other members of the criminal group who tried to bring in Russia, cocaine from Argentina, said the decision of Moscow city court has left under arrest of three persons.

The decision to arrest the three defendants was handed down on 13 December last year, but journalists became known about it only now, soon after the Russian and Argentine authorities were told about this major operation.

The three men appealed the court’s decision, but the appellate panel left him in power. As stated in the reasoning part of the judgment, the accused Vladimir Kalmykov “from the moment of detention assists the investigation, gives truthful, consistent testimony of pressure on witnesses was not provided”. Its protection believes that “his actions are no elements of crimes”.

The defendants said in court, charged with attempted trafficking and drug smuggling. They face long prison terms.

As announced earlier, the Minister of security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich, during joint operation of special services of Russia and Argentina managed to stop the delivery to Moscow of 389 kilograms of cocaine and arrest in Argentina a few people, including employee of the Argentine police, and a native of Russia.

Bags of drugs found in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Argentina, and Bullrich noted that on this finding the Argentine police told Russian diplomats.

According to the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, during a joint security operation, the cocaine was replaced with flour, in bags were placed GPS trackers and the police began to listen to phone conversations of people involved in drug trafficking. The value of the confiscated drugs on the black market is estimated at 50 million euros.

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