Hip-hop from animal sounds to make each

Hip-hop from animal sounds to make each

Scientists at Cornell University along with “DJ wildlife” Ben Mirim has created an application-a game in which you can create music in the style of hip-hop animal sounds.

The development was named “Beastbox” by analogy with “beatbox” (beatbox) — a technique of vocal performance, namely, to simulate unusual for a person of sounds, primarily drum machine. Play Beastbox on a special website.

Musicians for a long time, taking inspiration from nature. With the new application, you can loop the sounds of wild animals and create huge variety of combinations. “Beastbox is a wonderful hybrid created by scientists, musicians, designers, animators and programmers, says Maya Thompson, project Manager, bird Academy the Bird lab of Cornell University. — It is dedicated to the idea that all of us can appreciate the musical side of life on the planet.”

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In addition to the musical component, Beastbox there are also educational: in the game you can learn about the animals, the sounds which are used in the program, their habitat and the surrounding ecosystem. In Beastbox you can find the inhabitants of the Great barrier reef, tropical rainforests of Madagascar, the deserts of Sonora and many other places.