The first businessman from the list of Boris Titov, returned to Russia

The first businessman from the list of Boris Titov, returned to Russia

Authorized under the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov said that the first businessman from his list, which included wanting to return to Russia, has arrived from London. This Rostov entrepreneur Andrew Kokovkin, who “is accused of assignment of 10 million rubles borrowed funds, which he, according to the investigation, was not going to return”.

“Cash Andrey Galina on the day of submission of the application by the claimant, the preliminary investigation was seized, so to return them voluntarily, he had no opportunity. To resolve this contradiction, Andrew had to return to Russia,” wrote Mr. Titov in Facebook.

According to the business Ombudsman, at the entrance of the businessman was arrested and sent to the police. “As a result, we were able to make his first night, and subsequent to trial, too, people have spent in a prison cell, with his family,” said Mr. Titov, having concluded that his list of works.

That Boris Titov gave the President a list of people willing to back entrepreneurs, it became known on February 4. He announced this after two meetings with businessmen in London. Then Mr. Titov revealed a few names from your list — it was, in particular, the former Deputy Minister of agriculture and owner of the holding “Marta”. Later, the business Ombudsman said the list could be expanded.