In the sky over St. Petersburg appeared the light poles

In the sky over St. Petersburg appeared the light poles

Residents of several districts of St. Petersburg witnessed an unusual phenomenon: in the sky over the city there were light poles, according to “Fontanka”.

It is beyond words??#severnside

Publication of Valeriya Akishina (@akishina) Feb 23, 2018 at 4:56 PST

Such columns can be observed in freezing weather. Vertical rays become visible because of the appearance in the air as ice fog, and are formed from artificial light sources. Images citizens shared in social networks.

…At first, I thought my buggy, but then, calling my husband, I realized that buggy sky)) Very beautiful phenomenon..already I faced was thought that the Northern lights, but not much..then I thought meteor showers, too her..but then googled and found the answer..the Light poles! Occur at temperatures below minus 20, when in the atmosphere generated a huge amount of ice crystals, capable of otrazhat light rays..well, a lot more indicators and blah blah..but beautiful! Very) unusual for Peter..the phenomenon lasted about 30 minutes and disappeared by itself?❄☄ And I’m freezing to death is FOTA)? @vyborgskiy_rayon @ozerki_spb #adapeter#sinnipee#prirodovedenie#svetovidovi#chic

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At the end of February, the inhabitants of St. Petersburg observed the halo. The sun was framed by a luminous ring, because of the bright points on the sides it seemed that in the sky three lights.

Light poles – one of the most beautiful phenomena in the atmosphere, when, in a special way organized, the ice crystals in the frosty air refract the light so that it seems to be going to sky zone ?? #prospectpoint #svetovidovi #savemoney #clearance #seoretary #winter #beautifull #spb #northernlights #cold

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The reason for the appearance of the halo was high. In St. Petersburg was established frosty weather: at night the temperature sometimes dropped to minus 21 degrees.