Fruit tea acknowledged dangerous for health

Fruit tea acknowledged dangerous for health

Scientists said that acidic drinks like fruit teas and flavored water can wear out the teeth and damage the enamel. About it reports BBC News.

Experts from king’s College London found that consumption of such beverages between meals increases the risk of erosion of teeth from acid. In a study published in the British Dental Journal, analyzed diets of 300 people with severe dental disease.

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According to the researchers, fruit juices, teas, diet drinks and drinks that are rich in sugar cause tooth wear, especially if you drink them slowly or to hold in your mouth. People who twice a day between meals, drink water with a slice of lemon, 11 times more prone to moderate or severe erosion of the teeth, say scientists. However, the risk is reduced by half, if the drink is consumed during a meal.

“If at lunch time you eat an Apple as a snack, try not to use anything acidic in the evening. If in the evening you drink a glass of wine, in the morning do not drink fruit tea. Just balance the drinks and snacks in your diet,” said lead author of the study Dr saoirse O’toole. In addition, the experts suggested to drink harmful drinks through a straw.