The US imposed the biggest package of sanctions against the DPRK

The US imposed the biggest package of sanctions against the DPRK

The U.S. government has extended sanctions list against North Korea, adding 27, 28 vessels and one individual. On Friday, February 23, according to the office for foreign assets control of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Russian individuals and entities in the list, only appearing in the new package is a natural person — a citizen of China, said TASS.

The representative of the US administration at the briefing told reporters that these limitations — the most serious of those are ever adopted in the DPRK.

According to her, the sanctions are directed against shipping and trading companies of North Korea.

“We are introducing sanctions against 27 of the shipping and transport companies, 28 of the courts and against single individuals from countries around the world, including North Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan and other”, — quotes words of the representative of “RIA Novosti”.

She also noted that the sanctions now cover practically the whole world.

Previously, trump has announced the introduction of a major package of sanctions with the purpose to deprive the authorities of the DPRK of funding for the nuclear program.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula has escalated due to missile and nuclear tests of the DPRK.