The Swedes are creating the technology to communicate with the dead

The Swedes are creating the technology to communicate with the dead

Swedish developers create technology that would allow after death to create an electronic “snapshot” of his personality; with a platform on which is loaded a digital version of the deceased, can communicate with relatives and friends.

It is unknown whether inspired by Swedish scientists series “Black mirror”, or the idea to maintain a digital analogue of the human personality occurred to them to do independently, but the project looks very similar to what we saw in the movie. Started with speech programs: a neural network to recognize speech, “understands” the question and looks at the basis of any response. The base consists of lifetime statements of the deceased. Now the developers are looking for volunteers that will allow for life to record your voice and analyze the statements to create a database.

“A digital impression of the person” will not be able to answer questions about situations and phenomena with which the deceased was familiar in life. “Initially we created a speech program that responds to questions from our customers about the funeral, told Swedish publication Dagen Charlotte Runion, head of the Stockholm network, a funeral home Phoenix. — This prompted us to develop what we call “an electronic copy of a human” robot, who will speak in a voice like the voice of the deceased.” The quote in Russian quoted by the Agency TASS.

Plans for a Swedish programmers are not just limited to create a speech program that can simulate a conversation with the deceased. The development of a robot to visually copy rights, will be their next step, reports TASS.