The newest Russian fighter su-57 arrived on the test in Syria

The newest Russian fighter su-57 arrived on the test in Syria

Yesterday at the base Hamim (province of Latakia) profit samples of promising aviation complex tactical aviation (PAK FA), su-57.


This information “Kommersant” confirmed a top Manager of one of the enterprises of defense industry, as well as the source in bodies of military administration.

The exact number sent to Syria machines they are not named, but the photos that appeared online, in the air was seen two PAK FA. However, one of interlocutors “” has specified that the su-57 was deployed in the framework of testing of weapons systems fifth generation fighter aircraft, which began in the summer of 2017.

Exclusive#Russia deploying its brand new fifth generation fighter jet, the Su-57 in #Khmemeim AB #Syria

2 Su-57
4 Su-35
4 Su-25
1 A-50U were deployed in the #RuAF AB in Latakia/Jableh today

— Wael Al Hussaini (@WaelAlHussaini) 21 Feb 2018

The first stage of state tests was completed, the second phase is scheduled for completion in 2019. Then, as previously reported by “Kommersant”, the Russian defense Ministry will conclude with the Corporation “Dry” contract for the first squadron of su-57 (12 aircraft).

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