Volodin refuted statements of the USA about the failure of Russian contracts in the field of MTC for $3 billion

Volodin refuted statements of the USA about the failure of Russian contracts in the field of MTC for $3 billion

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin considers that the U.S. state Department wishful thinking, talking about the failure of the Russian contracts on a line military-technical cooperation of $3 billion.

So here, said the speaker. “Tell the world about the “dangers of Russia”, used a lot of manpower and resources in support of its sanctions policy, has put pressure on its European partners, ensuring the adoption of similar measures against Russia. And now it is apparently time to mark some kind of result. So there were three billion”, — expressed his opinion of the politician.

The United States in connection with the law “On combating the enemies of America by sanctions” (CAATSA) warn and dissuade countries around the world to do business with Russian enterprises of the military-industrial complex, said earlier Wednesday, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

“We are pleased that some countries have stopped the purchase of certain Russian goods. We believe that we were able to stop the transaction for the sum more than 3 billion dollars”, — she told reporters.

“The reality is that each country thinks about its own security and defense capability and therefore chooses the best arms market”, — said the Chairman of the state Duma. And that’s the market, not the sanctions policy of the United States imposes its choice, he said.

“And the most high quality and accurate service in Russia; moreover, it is not times, including in the fighting in Syria, has proven its reliability and efficiency,” — said Volodin. He is convinced of the competitiveness of the Russian defense industry.

As for the Russian “defense”, continued the speaker, which allegedly loses due to sanctions, Russia is now fully replaces the components in the defence sector for its production. “It’s a lot more to our economy than the purchase of components abroad”, — said Volodin.

In his view, precisely because of the sanctions solved the problem of production of components for the defence industry on the territory of our country — “the state has invested significant funds, and the impact is obvious: the creation of new jobs, we could provide whole production cycle,” — said the speaker.