The scientists said that when humanity wins alcoholism

The scientists said that when humanity wins alcoholism

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) suggested that natural selection in humans will develop alcohol intolerance. The work of scientists published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Casey Elizabeth Johnson and Benjamin Voight built his hypothesis on the basis of the analysis of the genomes of more than 2.5 thousand subjects. Scientists have identified five mutations that can explain evolutionary changes that occur with the modern man. Among them are changes that increase the body’s resistance to malaria (mainly in African populations), modification of amino acids (European), two changes in the DNA, indicating that crossbreeding humans with Neanderthals, as well as mutations in the group of ADH genes.

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This gene encodes an alcohol dehydrogenase, the enzyme that triggers the oxidation of alcohols. Scientists have suggested that the mutation may activate the “alcohol protection” of the body, but to understand exactly how this happens, experts can not yet.

In theory, explain the researchers, these genetic variations accelerate the breakdown of alcohol. In this case the person becomes ill — e.g., rises nausea immediately after consuming alcohol. The result is intolerance of alcohol.

Johnson and Voyt believe that gene is changing under the influence of positive selection, which he fixed in the population. Scientists, in this scenario, mankind will be able to totally defeat alcoholism roughly a thousand years.