Russia and Argentina stopped the transfer to Moscow of 389 kg of cocaine

Russia and Argentina stopped the transfer to Moscow of 389 kg of cocaine

MONTEVIDEO, 22 Feb — RIA Novosti. The security services of Russia and Argentina prevented the sending to Moscow of 389 kilograms of cocaine, and detained several people, including fellow Argentine police, and a native of Russia, said the Minister of security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich.

According to the Minister, Embassy of the Russian Federation on 14 Dec 2016 informed the security Ministry about the discovery in one of the rooms several suitcases full of cocaine.

During a joint RAID by intelligence agencies of the two countries, the cocaine was replaced with flour, in bags were placed gps trackers, police began intercepting telephone conversations of persons involved in the attempted drug trafficking.

According to the police reports, the drugs were intended for shipment to Russia by diplomatic mail.

“Drugs in Russia has not got, there went the flour,” — said the Minister, noting the effectiveness of cooperation with Russian colleagues. “We worked it so that there was no diversion,” she said.

According to the Minister, the value of the confiscated drugs on the black market is around 50 million euros.

As reported by the Argentine newspaper Clarin, the drugs were in the school building of the Embassy. The media also mentions the names of the detainees are Ivan Bliznyuk (Iván Blizniouk), who worked in the police Department of Buenos Aires and has visited Russia for the organization of educational programs with the members of the security services and the Chicano Alexander (Alexander Chikalo), who worked together with the twin.

Also the publication claims that the drug-trafficking involved the accountant Abijanov Ali (Ali Abyanov), who, according to media reports, worked in the Embassy and made the bags into the school building, as well as being on the run, “Mr. K”, which, in the opinion of the investigators, and led a gang of drug dealers.

From the results of wiretaps of the suspects indicated that drug traffickers were not only in Russia but also in Germany and the Netherlands.

In addition to sending drugs in a diplomatic pouch, was also considered the option of delivery of cocaine on a private jet or while on a trip in Russia of the group of Argentine cadets police officers.

Earlier, a source in the Russian foreign Ministry announced that the security services of Russia and Argentina conducted an operation to curb drug trafficking, he did not disclose details, saying that details will be announced as soon as it becomes available.