Kudrin has told, how worked in his student years

Kudrin has told, how worked in his student years

The head of the Board of the Center for strategic research (CSR), ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin told the participants of the II Youth forum of the Perm region, in student’s years wings of the roof with roofing material to have pocket money, but now young people have opportunities to earn much more.

Kudrin was invited by the Governor and the government of the Perm region as an expert on the winter session of the youth forum. Wednesday for the participants of the meeting the speaker gave a lecture on the theme “Humanitarian technology”, which was shared with the students personal experiences and gave tips about what you need to do to succeed in life and career.

According to the former Minister, today the young generation has opportunities to earn money while studying “many times more”, but also tasks that need to be addressed to be competitive in the market, not less. Kudrin is sure that advance can only be constantly learning something new.

“The rule is every two to three years to improve skills. Self — education is the thing that will allow you to be successful,” — said Kudrin.

The participants of the forum it is advised not to be afraid to change their profession, to training, to try myself in international educational programs.