Andreeva told how it will work in the program “Time”

Andreeva told how it will work in the program “Time”

According to the presenter Ekaterina Andreeva, its “Time” to end, because it leads to the transfer “the whole country, from the Volga to the Yenisei”. So Andreeva commented on the rumors about his departure from the news program. According to the speaker, she will continue to participate in the filming of the all-Russian news. Andreeva added that all of Russia is more than the capital of the country, and Moscow is “not the whole of Russia”.

The announcer of the TV program “Time” on the First channel Ekaterina Andreeva said in his instagram that does not go away from the program, but rather reads the news in the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Andreeva said that “her “Time” can not finish” because it leads the news in all of Russia “from the Volga to the Yenisey”.

The presenter stressed that Russia is not confined to the capital, and also added that all of Russia is much higher than the size of Moscow. Andreeva also said three air kisses on the request of one of its users back to the transmission.

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Against the background of these statements the leading head of the press service of the First channel Larisa Krymova said Ekaterina Andreeva will continue to work as the announcer of the program “Time”. Only temporarily switches from leading European orbit broadcasting, but continued to work on TV. According to Krymova, the reason for applications have become scattered around the Internet are rumors that Andreev may after more than 20 years on the air to get away from “Time.”

According to the press service of the First, Andreeva, together with another presenter, Vitaly Yeliseyev will lead, first, the Saturday editions of the show, and also to master the ability channel Studio in other Russian time zones.

Now, instead of Andreeva and Eliseeva “Time” will be led by head of news service of the First channel Cyril Kleymenov. He last appeared in the evening news a decade ago. His appearance and replace Andreeva caused by a technical upgrade of the Studio Time.

Re-equipped the Studio allows the facilitator to interact with the graphical objects in the airtime, and Kleymenov is the curator of the latest technology.

According to sources, “bi-Bi-si” familiar with the situation, Kleimenov will be “acting” lead “Time” to the day of silence on the eve of elections of the President of Russia 18 Mar 2018.

Ekaterina Andreeva leads the program “Time” for more than two decades. Her “main news telecast” of the country led by Zhanna Agalakova, Svetlana Morgunova, Anna Shatilova, Aza, Leitchenkov, Vera Shebeko, Tatiana Sudets and Irina Mishina. Andreev started working on the First in 1995, and the leading news program “Vremya” began working in early 1997. Until 1998 she was a regular news broadcast in the mornings and in the evenings.

In 98-m to year Andreev, appointed the leading constant of “Time” by the decision of the chief producer of management of information programs and infology ORT of Sergey Dorenko. As a result, the Internet survey in 1999, Andreev chose the most beautiful TV presenter in Russia, and in 2010 she was named one of the most popular Russian television presenters. In August 2014, included Ukraine to the sanctions list for supporting the policy of the President of Russia on the conflict in the Donbass and the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

In 2006, Ekaterina Andreeva was awarded the Order of Friendship, and a year later, in 2007 became the winner of TEFI in the nomination “Presenter of information program”. In 2011, it was reported that Andreev is a citizen of Russia and Montenegro (husband Andreeva — Serb of Monte Negro Dushan Petrovich), but she confirm this information did not.