Depardieu came to live with the Arabs in Algeria

Depardieu came to live with the Arabs in Algeria

According to the actor, this “a brilliant country” was once captured “illiterate French”.

French actor Gerard Depardieu was again replaced by the country of residence, write French media. This time the glance, 69-year-old Frenchman from Russia, and Belgium appealed to the coast of the former French colony of Algeria. Depardieu considers this country as “brilliant” and admires the wit and intelligence of the Algerians.

“I will soon live in Algeria. I chose Algeria. It’s a brilliant country. I wanted to say that the Algerians living in Marseille, would not dare to say half of what they say in Algeria. The sense of respect [in Marseille] lost in Algeria it is very noticeable,” — said Depardieu during a press conference dedicated to the second season of the French series “Marseille”.

الممثل الفرنسي الشهير جيرار دوبرديو يختار الاستقرار بالعاصمة #الجزائر
Gerard #Depardieu : “J’ai choisi #Alger “#Algérie

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The actor added that he is interested in the history of Algeria. In his view, the Algerians — “this is a very intelligent and clever people, who had been captured by illiterate [French] army in 1830”. Depardieu believes that during the accession of Algeria to France, most Frenchmen did not know how to read and write, unlike the Algerians.

Actor 13 February, participated in the transmission on TV channel TF1. He said leading Jan Bart that France looted Algeria. Depardieu also said that “the Algerians, who live in Marseille, could not behave as they behave in Algeria”. “You never see an Algerian, a bad host at home. He was quickly put in place of the older,” — said Depardieu.

Position Depardieu provoked a strong reaction from the French-speaking users of social networks. Some agreed with him and noticed that now the actor will be a big problem with the French government, as he put it insufficiently tolerant. Other users picked up the idea Depardieu and began to discuss the ethnic conflicts between the French, living in Marseille, and the Arab migrants who settled in the so-called Northern quarter of the city.

Depardieu in 2016, told the correspondent of Le Parisien that, despite the upbringing in the traditions of the Catholic faith, in the 70-ies in the next two years was a Muslim, and has carefully studied the Koran.

However, the actor said that “the five daily prayers and the prohibition to eat pork” appeared to him in the end too complicated rules.

In 2013, Depardieu called himself a world citizen and said that he was going to gain citizenship of seven countries, including Algeria. The actor was going to do it, to avoid having to obtain visas. However, the intention to obtain an Algerian passport Depardieu has never been implemented. Instead, he became a citizen of Russia and was awarded the honorary citizenship of one of the communes in Belgium.

Algeria became an independent country in 1962 after the war with the French colonial administration. After the defeat of France the French had to quickly leave the territory of Algeria, where they were in danger of being killed. So in France there was “Blackfoot”, a social stratum of French returnees from North Africa, have absorbed and preserved in one way or another to the Arab tradition. Understanding the period of the French colonization of Algeria and summarizing its results became one of the major themes of postcolonial Francophone literature of the second half of the twentieth century.