Sociologists have found the attitude of Russians to the “Death of Stalin”

Sociologists have found the attitude of Russians to the “Death of Stalin”

More than half of Russians still had not seen the film “Death of Stalin”, ready to watch the movie if it will be released in Russian cinemas; two-thirds of the citizens have heard about this movie, and his fame is primarily associated with the news of the ban of the show in cinemas, showed the poll.

According to the results of a survey about the movie “Death of Stalin”, which was released on world screens in 2017, heard 65% of Russians. In particular, 14% of respondents specifically looking for information about this film, and 3% reported that it looked. A third of respondents (35%) first heard.

about the picture in the survey.

“If the film will be released on Russian screens, to see it finished 58% of respondents (still not seen a picture)”, — stated in the materials of VTSIOM, which is available to RIA Novosti.

The survey showed that awareness of the movie is considerably higher among older generations (74% among respondents over 60 years of age) and residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (76%) than among young people (54% among respondents 18 to 24 years) and rural residents (60%).

“The popularity of a film is primarily associated with the news of the ban of its screening in cinemas on the territory of Russia, the theme of derision of Stalin,” say the sociologists. So, 12% of the respondents heard the name of the movie, you know it exists, exactly the same aware of the prohibition of his show in Russia, 7% heard about the topic of ridiculing the figure of Joseph Stalin in this movie.

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In January, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation revoked the rental license for the movie “Death of Stalin”, which was supposed to come out January 25. By the distributor of the picture is the company “Volga”. “Death of Stalin” — a satirical Comedy of British Director Armando’s Iannucci about the struggle for power in the USSR after the death of the General Secretary of the CPSU Joseph Stalin in 1953. A number of public figures and cultural figures previously appealed to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky to suspend the distribution licences of the film for a more thorough analysis of the painting for compliance with the Russian legislation.

A nationwide survey “polls-Sputnik” was held on 9-10 February 2018 among 2 thousand respondents aged from 18 years. Survey method — telephone interviews, the statistical error does not exceed 2.2%.