The serpent showed the wonders of gymnastics

The serpent showed the wonders of gymnastics

The owner of the Australian farm Bangor Shed Vineyard where wine tastings, published a video of a tiger snake, which aimed to perform a rather difficult trick and climb through a thin wire fence.

In the video you can see that the snake tries to crawl through the wire, reaching the one of the columns, she almost falls, but at the last moment all-this is and continues on his way.

This Tasmanian tiger snake certainly has an interesting way of getting around @bangorfarm! #WildOz

— The Wildlife Land Trust (@wlt_au) 14 Feb 2018

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“Apparently, when you snake, it’s great from time to time to change the angle, but in this case it looks like a rather awkward way to bend the fence” — wrote in Facebook the owner of the farm, Matt Dunbabin.

According to him, the snake is very common in this area, however, rather strange to see a reptile crawling in such a mysterious way, writes The Mercury.

Tiger snakes that live in the Australian state of Tasmania, is a shy and protected by the state, but they are rarely in danger because of the people and fragmentation of their natural habitat.