Tatyana Golikova: invalid Bentley should not qualify for social assistance

Tatyana Golikova: invalid Bentley should not qualify for social assistance

The poverty level in Russia is growing recent years, despite significant even in developed countries public expenditures on the social sector. Why the costs of the state do not reach the goal, how is it that the owners of luxury cars in the regions benefit from tax relief on hundreds of thousands of rubles, and poor families get a penny allowance, which is not enough even for school lunch, and why not to refuse from existing multiple social benefits in favor of a single targeted poverty benefit, said in an interview with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of a Russian investment forum, the head of the Russian audit chamber Tatyana Golikova.

— At the session of the forum, you will be told about the benefits of the transport tax, which in some regions are the owners of Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini, despite the fact that these regions receive subsidies from the Federal budget. Why is there such a thing?

— We’re all a little hasty with the transfer of certain authority on tax settlement regions. In General, this is the right trend, but it is important that they not abuse the right, because the examples that I cited, this is just an example of abuse of the right. And, as a rule, this abuse leads to the fact that the subsidized regions are losing income. And it’s not just the budget revenues is the revenues of the road Fund, which, in turn, go to the construction and reconstruction of roads and their current contents.

This right of regulation of today’s tax laws, given to the regions and, consequently, they establish privileges under the transport tax, and they in their laws should establish these limitations.

— The Federal center has some opportunity to influence them? To avoid such abuses?

— On the one hand, it’s very simple, on the other hand, is very difficult. Just because now, in a significant restructuring of budget loans Ministry of Finance in the presentation of subsidies to the regions, said that their own tax revenues should grow at a rate lower than inflation. But the difficulty is how to control and what to do if we find out that they are not fulfilled.