NATO countries agreed to create a “military Schengen»

NATO countries agreed to create a “military Schengen»

Defence Ministers of countries-members of NATO agreed to create a likeness of “war of the Schengen area” in the European boundaries of the Alliance, told RIA Novosti military-diplomatic source in Brussels.

The defence Ministers of the Alliance agreed on the proposal at a meeting in Brussels. The defense Ministers approved the establishment of a team of staff to ensure the transfer of forces in Europe.

First the idea was put forward by the former commander of the US army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges. He said that the allied troops and military equipment should move “as quickly as migrants”.

According to Hodges, now permits for the movement of troops and weapons is a “surprisingly complex process in a number of countries”. For example, the transfer of us troops from Poland to Germany requires five-day notice period.

Then this proposal was supported by a number of countries, including Lithuania, Estonia and the Netherlands.

While observers point to a number of infrastructure problems for transporting troops: roads and bridges in the EU are potentially not designed to withstand the weight of heavy military equipment of the tunnels is not sufficient and the runway is not designed for servicing military aircraft.