Vladimir Putin is trying less to appear in public because of a cold

Vladimir Putin is trying less to appear in public because of a cold

Russian President Vladimir Putin in connection with a cold tries to minimize their appearance in public places, reported the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

He noted that today the President works in Novo-Ogaryovo, where he had scheduled several meetings and an international telephone call.

“Earlier it was planned that the President will arrive at ENEA. But, you know, because of the cold he now tries to minimize is here these days the appearance in public places. Therefore, some members of this forum will come to visit him in Novo-Ogaryovo, and he talk to them,” said Mr. Sands.

About colds of the President it became known on February 12. At a meeting with finalists of competition of young managers “Leaders of Russia” Vladimir Putin coughed and said, “I apologize, my voice a little bit hooked.”

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