Love stories of famous politicians

Love stories of famous politicians

Unsuccessful courtship, the secret of passion, tragedy, and romantic gestures all the happy love story began in their own way touching. Including the politicians.

Valentine’s Day “Газета.Ru” tells a beautiful love story, state leaders past and present.

Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev and Raisa Titarenko acquainted in his student years: she was a student of the faculty of Philology, he studied law. Friends lured Michael to the dance for Raisa, but the introduction was not successful: Raisa was worried about a frustrated wedding and was not ready for a new relationship. Michael strongly supported the girl, despite her coldness. “We went six months side by side, holding hands. Then a year and a half when you’re only hand held. But still husband and wife become after the wedding,” — said Mikhail Gorbachev.

When Raisa was in the hospital, her new boyfriend almost didn’t move from her bed, wore several times, and still won her heart.

They decided to get married, informing parents at the last moment to another engagement Raisa has not collapsed because of them.

Michael all summer, worked on the combine to make to dress the bride. On the ring and a big wedding was not enough money, but this did not prevent them to enter into a happy marriage.

Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle worked at the law firm Sidley Austin in Chicago, when she was appointed mentor of Barack. At first, the name of the young man, like himself, seemed to her ridiculous, and she didn’t pay for all his attentions.

However, after numerous refusals, Barack still managed to invite a girl on a date.

Many years later, the former US President wrote in his book about that day and about the first chocolate kiss: at this point, they sat down on the curb and ate chocolate ice cream. Michelle won talk to Barack about his family, high interests and active in the protection of American youth. And two years later, during dinner at a Chicago restaurant Michelle filed a cherished dessert with the ring inside.