Called the danger of bed linen

Called the danger of bed linen

Scientists at the University of North Carolina found that bed bugs that live in bedding, in large quantities secrete histamine — a protein that stimulates the immune system. This can cause severe allergic reactions in humans. It is reported by Gizmodo.

The researchers studied homes in Raleigh that are for a long time suffered from the invasion of bed bugs. They analyzed the dust, which contained some insect waste, and compared it with samples taken from other buildings. After the parasites have been destroyed through heat treatment and pesticides, scientists have taken samples of dust.

It turned out that the infected bed bugs homes the number of histamine were 20 times above normal. The high levels of the substance remained even after three months of sanitation.

Scientists believe that insects produce histamine as a signal, attracting other dogs. However, there is evidence that a certain amount of allergenic substances is a byproduct of the metabolism of the bugs, absorbing the blood of man.