Iranian authorities have uncovered a conspiracy of lizard-spies

Iranian authorities have uncovered a conspiracy of lizard-spies

Environmental activists accused of spying on nuclear objects of the country on the instructions of the West.

Senior military adviser to leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told local media that surveillance of Iranian nuclear facilities Western States used a variety of clever ways, including lizards, spies, “magnetic radiation”. However, assured Hassan Firuzabadi, he “failed to disclose all the machinations of the West.”

On Tuesday, the journalists asked the former chief of the General staff of the Iranian army, and now senior military Advisor to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Hassan Firuzabadi about the recent arrests in Iran of several accused of spying environmentalists, including the prominent Iranian scientist 63-year-old Cavus Seyed Emami, head of the conservation Foundation Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

Mr. Emami died last Saturday in prison, two weeks after the arrest. After that, the Iranian authorities announced that a scientist has confessed to espionage and committed suicide, “knowing about the existence of numerous proofs of his guilt.”

Asked to comment on the incident, the Advisor Firuzabadi said that unknown to him the details of the case of environmentalists, and added that the West often uses tourists, scientists, including ecologists for spying against Iran. For example, according to the Advisor, once was arrested a couple from Germany, which “sent by boat to the Persian Gulf to monitor our system of defense.” When the Germans arrested, they claimed to be “just tourists and the fish.” However, as explained by Mr. Firuzabadi, trying to enter the Iranian authorities to mislead Western intelligence agencies “whenever you suffer defeat”.

Mr. Firuzabadi told about even more ingenious method of surveillance. “A few years ago in Iran arrived some people had for assistance to Palestine… We felt suspicious of their chosen route, — explained the Advisor. They have we found the most different desert reptiles, lizards, chameleons…

We found that reptile skin attracts radiation and that these people were spies who wanted to know where in Iran the uranium mines are located and where we conduct work in the nuclear programme.Hassan Firouzabadi military adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Meanwhile, the scientific community of Iran continues to discuss the death of his colleagues Cavus Seyed Emami. It raises many questions, given the fact that in recent weeks this is not the first death of a detainee in Tehran’s Evin prison, filed as a suicide. At least two more participants of protest actions recently died in prison, after which it was announced that they killed themselves. Scientific community and colleagues Emami remember him as one of the best scholars, who loved his country and totally distant from politics.

According to them, detention may be linked to his recent trip to Canada, where he and his colleagues were engaged in research.

Upon returning the Professor was summoned to a formal institution. Iranian sociological Association, active member of which was Cavus Seyed Emami, issued a statement in connection with his death. “Published information about it is not credible. We expect officials to answer and disclosure about his death,” it says.

Alena Miklashevskaya