Strange bans: what you need to remove from the suitcase before the flight

Strange bans: what you need to remove from the suitcase before the flight

MOSCOW, 14 Feb — RIA Novosti, Svetlana Baeva. To sit in prison for electronic cigarette, to lose a drone or noticeable amount on the customs — in many countries there are bans, it is not obvious for Russian tourists. Even an ordinary plastic bag can create problems.

To carry drugs, weapons, pornography, toxic substances is prohibited almost everywhere. Many countries restrict tourists in food, alcohol, cigarettes. But there are unusual customs rules, which tourists are recommended to know in advance.

Ten years for vaping

In Thailand in 2014 is not allowed to import electronic cigarettes and hookahs. “In restaurants and cafes hookahs do not sell — there’s only smoke. Therefore, and because hookah is an integral element of the Eastern culture, the police almost does not touch such institutions”, — told RIA Novosti, the former head of the Department for combating transnational crime in the police Department of Chonburi province, a retired Colonel Sutthi Kipchak.

With electronic cigarettes much more serious. “In accordance with Thai law, the importation, use, storage and carrying in Thailand electronic cigarette and their analogues is prohibited. Violation punishable by a fine in the amount of one million baht and/or imprisonment up to 10 years”, — informs the consular Department of the MFA of Russia in Korolevste Thailand.

By the way, the import of electronic cigarettes and any devices that mimic tobacco Smoking is not allowed in Singapore. Chewing gum in this city-state has long been outlawed.

Quad banned

The situation with the drones in different countries makes travellers a lot of questions. Somewhere to make a video with drones, but gently, and somewhere have a chance to get it on the money or even behind bars.

We would like to inform you that the import of the quadcopters on the territory of Vietnam is prohibited. Upon arrival at the airport they confiscated and may be returned at the departure — payment of storage during their stay in the country.Tour operator ANEX Tour

The ban was in force previously, but the possibility was still. Sometimes the copter was removed and given at the check-out for free. Now the Luggage storage will cost tourists hundreds of dollars.

Also not allowed with drones to Uzbekistan.

However, in early February it became known that the foreign creative teams can use unmanned aerial vehicles for the preparation of photo and video materials about tourist potential of the country. But this requires special permission.

With package — red