Why should not be afraid to lose your hair

Why should not be afraid to lose your hair

Shaved bald head is one of the trendiest haircuts of the season. Men are no longer afraid of baldness. Now the forced shaving bald is not a problem, and the ability to change the image. “Газета.Ru” why should finally cease to be ashamed of his baldness.

It makes no sense to get a complex

A few years ago, thick hair was considered the standard of beauty. Men were ready to give fabulous money in the offices of trichologists, get rid of bad habits, to diet and even to fly abroad for quality pads made of natural hair, only on the head reappeared hair.

To go to such drastic measures forced by fear.

According to psychologist Review Lipking, hair unconsciously perceived as an indicator of physical and emotional well-being, sexual potency, social and financial status. Therefore, the majority perceive hair loss as the beginning of aging.

Hair loss changes the appearance of the face, the forehead can appear above, the structure of the skull comes to the fore and it’s not always like that. All of this can lower the self-esteem of men, cause the feeling of embarrassment, shyness.Arina Likinpark

To deal with the complexes according to the expert, helps to change the focus of perception. Good physical shape, stylish appearance and, most importantly, intellect, whereby man becomes interesting to talk to, distract attention from the imperfections on his head. Seem to understand it themselves and men.

Bald head is no longer a reason to get a complex

To terms with reality decided even Prince William, who some time ago, I shaved my head. The new haircut he really is. Problems with hair the heir to the English throne began in school. As once remarked of his younger brother Prince Harry, William bald in 12 years.

According to trichologist Tatiana tsimbalenko, in most cases, thinning hair in men has a genetic predisposition.

This is so called androgenetic alopecia or hereditary form of loss. A feature of this process is its localization in the fronto-parietal area of the head thins, exacerbated by the fronto-temporal angles.Tatiana Cymbaltacialis

“The reason is the anomalies in the structure of the hair follicle caused genetically. This type of loss is polygenic, that is, the combination of genes causes this problem. Genes are inherited from different parents, in different combinations, in different degree — seeking or weakened. Implementation of the genetic program is through a negative effect on the follicles of dihydrotestosterone — the active metabolite of testosterone. As a result, the hair gradually become thinner, grow to a smaller length with each subsequent cycle that is thinning”. In addition to heredity, according to the doctor, to baldness causes psycho-emotional stress, Smoking, overweight, lack of exercise and some somatic diseases.

However, to perceive baldness as a disease not necessarily. That there is the fact that some of the hottest men on the planet, Bruce Willis, VIN Diesel, Dmitry Nagiyev long goodbye with hair and hardly care about that.

Bald is sexy

As noted by Arina Lipkin, in the eyes of the women bald men look much more attractive than those who have thick hair. “Research in social psychology has shown that there are considerable advantages to bald men. Participants (men and women) evaluated pictures bald men and men with normal hair” she said “Газете.Ru”.

NewsMuscovite bald from reading novostav a result, bald men were perceived by about one year older, more pleasant and much more dominant, confident, and courageous.Arina Likinpark

Notes the trend for bald heads and art Director of popular haircuts of the capital barbershop Vlad Pokrovski. “Now the trend is either very short hair, what are called bald or under the nozzle, or, conversely, long and shaggy. Fashion for haircut lasts about three years, so change is quite natural. In recent times, the fashion was classic mens haircut with fairly short sides and long bangs, combed severely parted in the middle. Now replaced by pedantry and shelf Queen good looks this came chaotic, people are tired of shaving the sides”.

Add brutality to his bald head, according to Vlad, maybe a beard or stubble.

To shave or not to shave?

As noted by the art Director, the trend for bald heads is observed among young people — the influence of goshi Rybchinskogo (designer propagates a culture of the ‘ 90s, releasing their models on the catwalk dressed in tracksuits with shaved heads). The number of people willing to shave his head depends on the season. So, in summer, the barbershop where he works Vlad, the day comes to 3-4 clients wishing to shave off his hair.