Egypt is waiting for Russian tourists, and Russians — Charter to resorts

Egypt is waiting for Russian tourists, and Russians — Charter to resorts

RIA Novosti, February 13: Svetlana Baeva. Russian tourists in Egypt now four times more that last year the country was visited by almost 100 thousand of our compatriots.


They were not even embarrassed by the need to reach the resorts of the red sea through third countries. On the dynamics of growth of tourist arrivals, the Russians were among the leaders.

About how the situation will develop after the resumption of flights between Moscow and Cairo and will there be organized tours to Egypt — in the material RIA Novosti.

The red sea against the black mountains

In 2017, according to Management on tourism development of Egypt, the country was visited by 94 thousand Russians, which is 378% increase over the 2016, according to the Association of tour operators of Russia.

For comparison: last year Egypt was visited by 37 thousand tourists from Spain (an increase of 214%), 177 thousand from Poland (164%) and 53 thousand from Slovakia (110%), 150 thousand from France (49%).

And now the Russians have to travel to Egypt independently, to fly through tel Aviv, Istanbul (as from November 2015, organized tourism and direct flights between the countries suspended). It is long and expensive.

The cost of flights to Hurghada, which is offered by the booking system of tickets, — from 21 thousand rubles, journey time — 6 hours 55 minutes.

“You can buy two tickets for two round-trip for 47 thousand rubles. You say “Mama MIA, well, the price we used three of the top five for the money week vacation” and I with you grieve for the old days,” wrote famous blogger Sonia buzzing.

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But Russian tourists are willing to make such sacrifices for the sake of beaches and underwater wonders of the red sea. ATOR compares the number of tourists in Egypt and Montenegro: “94 thousands of citizens of the Russian Federation — more than Russian tourist arrivals to Montenegro last year (although with Montenegro direct flights is not stopped)”.

But it’s nothing compared to the former activity of Russian tourists in the Egyptian direction. So, in 2014, the country of pyramids visited by 3.1 million Russians. Then they brought to Egypt $ 2.5 billion.

On the ground

Flights between Moscow and Cairo could start as early next week. But whether this will restore the flow of tourists? The answer of the experts is clear: the news is good, but not enough.

In legal service ATOR said: the resumption of carriage applies only to Cairo, then on the ground.

“According to the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the tour operators recommended “to refrain from implementing the citizens of the tourist product, providing air transportation (including commercial) citizens from the territory of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Now the decision is made what to fly to Cairo. To the rest of the resorts can be arranged ground transportation, a ban on such shipments in the decree no, — says the head of the Legal service of ATOR Hope Ephraim.

According to her, the restrictions do not apply to independent tourists, they are, as before, can travel to Egypt by any way convenient for them.

A long transfer

But even if the direct flights of Aeroflot and EgyptAir will appear in the schedule, until the return of organized tourism is still far. Market experts are sure that the tours with a long land transfer is unlikely to appeal to Russians.

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“The Cairo would be popular among business and individual travelers, but the massive tourist flow it is possible to speak only after the resumption of Charter flights”, — said Dmitry Gorin, the General Director of holding “Vipservis” and adviser to the head of the Federal tourism Agency on transport.

Transfer from Cairo to resorts takes about seven hours.

“Given the flights, by the time you get to Thailand. Some experts call and the price of tickets — 15-25 thousand rubles. Plus ground handling. In the end, the tours will work out quite expensive,” — says Gorin.

The return of Egypt ready