Makhachkala workaholic

Makhachkala workaholic

As the leadership of Dagestan amassed a fortune at the expense of the state budget.

In early February, in the information field of the country is very loud sounded detention of senior officials in Dagestan. On suspicion of embezzlement from the regional budget for the sum more than 100 million rubles was detained, then arrested for two months, the Chairman of the government of the Republic of Abdusamad Hamidov. Also arrested was the Vice Hamidov, former Minister of education of Dagestan. Sweep the Dagestani political elite was forced to recall a series of egregious corruption scandals in the Republic, but what episodes was being developed, it was said quite a bit. Portal became known the details of criminal cases that lead investigators of the Federal security service (FSB).

Five percent

Judging from the materials of the case, inspector from Moscow, who arrived in Dagestan, were not limited to obvious facts, and delved deep into the story. One of the corruption facts, established by the FSB, refers to 2013, it is connected with embezzlement of budget funds during the construction of the road.

The first preliminary test showed the following: Chairman of the regional government Hamidov allegedly instructed the leadership of the city of Kaspiysk to prepare the documents to make legitimate repairs of access roads to his own home, and also to the home of the former head of Dagestan Abdulatipov.

Work, according to the available version of the document, was conducted in the absence of design documentation, without holding an auction and the state contract. More precisely, on paper, an auction was held but there is no competition it does not provide.

In fact the work was done by the Republican state-owned enterprise “Directorate of the state customer-Builder”, and the order received of front companies allegedly controlled by the head of this office — Shamil Kadavu.

As a result, in 2014, the accounts of these companies was transferred a tranche of 35 million rubles of budgetary funds (cost effective, according to law enforcement officers, amounted to only 20 million). Qadis, under the agreement, allegedly transferred about 5% of the annual turnover of the state enterprise Gamidova. The head of the Directorate was arrested in August 2015 on suspicion of another of malfeasance. According to investigators, he and his alleged accomplices committed a multimillion-dollar theft of funds allocated for the purchase of a kindergarten with a plot in the village of Alembical.

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All the best to the children

It seems that this is related to the purchase of the kindergarten thread and in the end led the investigation to the highest offices in Dagestan. In the case failed to detect direct indication of the existence of such a connection, however, according to investigators, in 2014, was actually created by the bond between the officials headed by the arrested head of the Republican government Abdusamad by Samedovym. In his reference group included the regional Minister of economic development Rudin Yusufov, Minister of education, Sahabas Shakhov, head of regional IFC Kagir Magomedov and the already mentioned Director of the state enterprise “Directorate of the state customer-Builder” Shamil.. The investigators believe that this group of state managers developed and executed plan of plunder from the budget about 25 million rubles.

It is noteworthy that government officials did not come up with cunning schemes of budgetary funds, and simply bought overpriced building for an educational institution.

Investigators believed, to begin with officials acquired the village Khalimbekov abandoned building — there was once quite large by local standards, the restaurant “Churinga”, exhibited by the time for sale owners 7 million.

For these purposes from the Republican budget it has been allocated 32 million roubles. To clear the history was listed first on the account of the “Directorate of the state customer-Builder”, and from there came to the owners of the restaurant, which gave the remaining amount Shamil Kadavu.

It is noteworthy that the Chairman of the Republican government Abdusamad Hamidov, as far as can be judged from the case, did not receive any special remuneration for the purchase of a building for the kindergarten, limiting the “standard” 5% of the transaction amount. But the regional Minister of economic development Rudin Yusufov and Minister of education, Sahabas checks, investigators believe, once received a reward in the form of valuable gifts and money. The documents indicated, for example, that qadis did Shahs repair personal account, built a summer veranda, furnished it with furniture worth over 1.5 million rubles and provided other favors that cost a pretty penny to the state budget. Whether it is necessary to note that at the meetings of the government the name of the head of the “Directorate of the state customer-Builder,” was exceptionally positive.

The former business is

Interesting facts found in the investigation and the results of the verification, controlled by former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Shamil Isaev businesses. As noted by the staff of the Federal security service, the results of the first test of a high-ranking official was accused of fraud for financing personal business at the expense of budget funds of Dagestan. According to the FSB, Deputy Chairman of the government, being on civil service, in spite of legal restrictions continued to implement the management of the tourist base “eagle’s nest” in the village of Gunib. Isaev acquired this property in 2011 and even passed into the possession of the company “Mayak”. However, according to the investigation, he continued to administer the “Eagle’s nest” across the front.

According to investigators, due to his work in the government Shamil Isaev learned to allocate money from the budget of the Republic for the creation of engineering infrastructure of investment sites and managed to enable controlled a camp in this program. Moreover, as suggested by the security officers, in the course of works on construction of communication and electricity to the mountain resort joined the case head of the “Directorate of the state customer-Builder” Shamil.. The two friends were able to assign about 65 million rubles, and according to the Investigative Committee — about 35 million.

Help yourself

But the appetites of officials grew and the next step high-ranking confederates were able to bring several tens of millions rubles thanks to the Federal target program “South of Russia”. This, according to the case, the officials helped a businessman Gairbek Gamzatov, General Director of JSC “Aviaagregat”.