The government want to do in the school holidays “floating»

The government want to do in the school holidays “floating»

MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. Is developing the idea of the experiment to move the school holidays to promote skiing to the North Caucasus resorts, said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin.

“We will offer different models and options for development of the tourist resort area in the North Caucasus. As is happening in Europe? No, for example, snow in January in the Alps. States tolerate the summer holidays. In Europe, this mechanism is flexible. This promotes the sport of skiing, come parents with children. We do not have this flexible system. It all depends on the weather and availability of snow. There is no snow, so we missed the ski season. This is wrong,” — said Khloponin.

“So we want to make the experiment. If we come to the kids from sports schools that focus on downhill skiing, nearby regions of the southern Federal district, you can suggest to move the vacation. No final decision yet, but around the world there is such practice. It is necessary to study international experience”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.