The captain of the crashed An-148 refused de-icing fluid

The captain of the crashed An-148 refused de-icing fluid

Crashed in the Moscow region the plane An-148 of airline “Saratov airlines” has not been treated with deicing liquid. On Sunday, February 11, reports REN TV.

According to TV channel, refused himself the captain of the aircraft.

Usually the service centre of the airport and are working to prevent the frozen precipitation on the aircraft, which can degrade the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft. For this purpose, the de-icing fluid, rateplease precipitation and to prevent the emergence of new during the flight.

The plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines” crashed in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region in the afternoon of 11 February a few minutes after departure from Domodedovo. The liner made flight 703 from Moscow to Orsk (Orenburg region). On Board were 65 passengers and 6 crew members, none survived.

Earlier it was reported that last year’s sweep of the plane revealed violations in the operation of the aircraft. So, it was revealed the fact of violation of the periodicity of replacement of oil in gearbox and filter wash the air starter. According to the maintenance program, the frequency should be 375 flight hours, but by plane An-148−100 (side number RA-61704) this work was carried out with a frequency of 750 hours.