Train in Russia changed the schedule for one school girls

Train in Russia changed the schedule for one school girls

Train “Saint Petersburg — Murmansk” since the beginning of February changed the schedule to pick up from the station Poyakonda 14-year-old schoolgirl Karina Kozlov with his grandmother. So they can get home from school.

Last year there was news about a Japanese schoolgirl, for which the authorities must have had a train stop in Miyazaki-the middle of nowhere.

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Poyakonda is located in the South of Murmansk region. In the winter, according to some, in the village, only 50 inhabitants, most of them work in the biological station of Moscow state University 15 kilometers from the village, on the shore of the White sea. Among the station staff — parents Karina Kozlova, the only child remaining in Poyakonda, RIA “Novosti”.

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Decades children from Poyakonda went to school in the village Zelenoborskiy on the train and school bus. They accompanied the grandmother of Karina, Natalia Kozlova. After class they went back on the long train. However, from December 1 technical stop at Poyakonda canceled, and Karina was the only opportunity to go home on the train, which leaves at 19:10.

“This means that home girl would come close to nine in the evening. Given that the morning train at Karina at 7:39, homework and relaxation, the child just wouldn’t have enough time” — said on the railroad.

At the request of mother Karina to the railroad appealed to the administration of the Kandalaksha district, and they appointed an additional stop for long distance trains.