Former Parisian homeless received a star “Michelin»

Former Parisian homeless received a star “Michelin»

Lebanese Alan Giam began his career with dishwasher, sleeping on a bench in one of the Parisian parks. Now he has a restaurant by the arc de Triomphe and the star “Michelin”.

Paris former homeless chef-Lebanese restaurant opened recently near the arch of triumph, received a prestigious Michelin star culinary quality.

Arriving in Paris from Lebanon without a penny and without knowing the language, 43-year-old Alan Ream began his career with dishwasher, sleeping on a bench in one of the Parisian parks.

Become a chef in Paris, he helped the case, and the unfortunate incident with the chef of the restaurant, where Alan was washing dishes when the chef stabbed with a knife in hand and had to rush to the hospital, Alan had no choice but to stand up to the plate — to somehow satisfy the demands of sitting in the hall of visitors.

He managed to impress his cooking not only dinner guests and the restaurant owner, at the end of the day voskliknula: “you know how to cook!”.

It also marks the first star, issued to Alan Geamm French restaurant “Red Michelin guide”, which is also called “food Bible.”

“I never thought that Michelin would be interested in someone like me self — taught, sleeping on the street at the age of 19 and started his way from washing dishes” — he admitted in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

I thought this guide writes about chefs in large, luxury hotels or those who learned from the great masters. But it was Vice versa. This is a nice surprise.Alan Ream

His love of cooking was evident in childhood, when after school instead of watching TV cartoons, enthusiastically absorbed the culinary TV show. Helped this and a variety of gastronomic culture in which he grew up — first in the African Liberia, then at home parents in Beirut, where he moved his family, fleeing from the war.

But to really cook, he began serving in the Lebanese army, and so successfully that the commander of the regiment made him his personal chef.

“I cook to please people,” said Ream in an interview with the French news Agency.