Astronomers have calculated, when Tesla Mask comes closer to Mars

Astronomers have calculated, when Tesla Mask comes closer to Mars

Launched by Elon Musk Tesla saw astronomers and corrected American billionaire. Observations have shown that the car is flying slower than it should, and not be able to get to the asteroid belt as planned by the head of the company SpaceX.


Launched heavy rocket Elon musk and send to the orbit of Mars the Tesla sports car continues to be one of the most discussed events of recent days.

On the subject decided to fight back, even the followers of the Theory of a flat Earth, one of the followers which for several months can not launch yourself in a rocket to a height of 500 meters, in order to prove his innocence. “People believe that the Earth is round, “because they saw the car in the space online”. Why should we believe any private company and assume that they are telling the truth?”—said in the flat Earth Society. Not long ago, Elon Musk fun of the audience itself potrollit “blacksilence” question — if the Earth is flat, what is Mars?

However, the reality of the run proved not only futuristic pictures on the Internet, broadcasts on television and just the fact that for a start has seen thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

Start-up and the emergence of near-earth space of the new object observed and continue to observe astronomers on Earth.

Six hours after the launch of the second stage of the rocket, the Falcon Heavy for the third time turned on the engine, and the Tesla sports car was given a final impetus on the trajectory from Earth. It is this moment able to see the inhabitants of the Western States of the USA literally over my head.

“The evening of 6 February, we noticed a strange object on the camera sky survey telescope of the MMT (Arizona), went outside and saw the classic picture of the rocket launch. Thought the launch from the spaceport in California, it was found that the transfer of the Falcon Heavy for Mars transfer orbit”, — told the Russian astronomer Igor Chilingaryan, working in the US.

the #spacex solar orbit insertion burn as seen from @mmtobservatory…

— Timothy Pickering (@te_pickering) 7 Feb 2018

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We are talking about the so-called “Medusa”, a beautiful phenomenon observed when starting or starting the engines of the rocket shortly after sunset or before sunrise. The exhaust plume is illuminated by sunlight, and the surface of the Earth can observe the characteristic picture.

The “Medusa” from the third inclusion of the second stage was seen by many residents of the US and willingly shared the images online.

Third burn successful. Exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid Belt.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 7, 2018.

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Soon after launching, the head of SpaceX Elon Musk detailed the path of the car with a dummy Starman, indicating that the sports car will have to achieve the Main asteroid belt, and then to reach the orbit of Mars.

The forecast he was accompanied by a scheme where the trajectory of Tesla considerably beyond the orbit of Mars and almost pulls out of the orbit of Ceres, the dwarf planet, the largest object in the Main asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. While the estimated apogee (point of maximum distance from the Sun) according to the calculations of the Mask should reach 2.6 astronomical units (the distance from Earth to the Sun).

However, it seems that the calculations were not quite right, or the second stage engine worked for several less time than planned, and adjustments to the true trajectory of the messenger has been astronomers.