Commented on stunt accident on the set of “Kill bill»

Commented on stunt accident on the set of “Kill bill»

Professional Hollywood stuntmen assessed the car accident, which got actress Uma Thurman on the set of the second part of the novels of the famous American Director Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill bill”. According to experts, it could lose a head.

Last week the New York Times released an interview with Uma Thurman — actress in it, among other things, spoke about the incident that happened in the movie “Kill bill: Movie 2”. The producer of the tape Quentin Tarantino convinced her to self-driving cars to the scene of driving on a forest road, assuring that the cut is smooth, the car is in order and nothing to worry about.

As soon told the filmmaker that he personally checked this site to verify this, but at some point it was decided to swap the places of departure and destination, so Thurman had to drive the same amount but in the opposite direction.

During the download an error has occurred.

As a result, according to Tarantino, the path was a small turn where the actress skidded and crashed into a palm tree.

“The wheel has cut into my abdomen, my feet were pinched, I felt a terrible pain and thought, “God, I will never be able to” go”, — she said in an interview.

I came home from the hospital in a neck brace, with a badly damaged knee, with his head wrapped in bandages and similar from the egg, with a concussion.Uma Thurman

Thurman for 15 years trying to achieve from the Studio Miramax and its head producer Harvey Weinstein in order to get the brace, but all the time was refused. Recently Thurman appealed to Tarantino, who found the tape and transferred to Mind, for the first time the video was published in the material of The New York Times. The star of “pulp fiction” and “Kill bill” said that he was proud Director, who after so many years decided to do the right thing and help her in getting a record of the accident.

On these shots it is seen that in the time of the accident the head of the actress was thrown back as the car did not have head restraints and seat belts. A number of Hollywood stunt after watching the movie had made its assessment of what happened on the set.

NewsStuntman for two minutes showed the story of a Hollywood stunt

“The situation in the form in which it was described, looks like the trick (Tarantino told me that none of the crew had not occurred to classificate it as a trick. — “Газеты.Ru”) and is a direct violation of safety”, — quotes Reuters the representative of the screen actors Guild USA and the American Federation of actors of television and radio (SAG-AFTRA) — Thurman is a member of this organization.

“To ensure correct and safe operation only stunt professionals need to perform the tricks, and only under the supervision of Director”, — said the representative of SAG-AFTRA.