The fortress for a COP

The fortress for a COP

American police are trying to achieve the right to kill with impunity in the case of fright.

After a police officer in Florida shot and killed a black musician, in violation of all descriptions, his fate seemed sealed. The dismissal of the bodies, the court and the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence and even capital punishment. However, the lawyer of ex-COP found a loophole that might allow the killer to avoid punishment. What will be the consequences of this precedent — versed

— C there’s something wrong. He looks at me, he had something in his hands, I don’t know what he wants.

Just tell me if he will do something, okay?

— As soon as the officer gets here?

— You have left, just tell me if this guy will do something.

OK. Those assholes always manage to escape. When approaching the building, turn left, in fact, you should go for the building.