Budget steak. How to cook marbled meat

Budget steak. How to cook marbled meat

In addition to expensive Striploin, ribeye and new York began to appear cheap steaks, they are called alternative. Show how to roast Denver steak.

Ribeye, strip loin, porterhouse, t-bone — all of these names fascinating meat-lover. It is a pity that the price deters. The premium steaks (and to this class belong the above-mentioned pieces) can cost 3-4 thousand in the restaurant for serving. And in the shop the same — but in pounds. Sometimes more. They adjoin the so-called alternative steaks. They are much cheaper. Their cost ranges from 1,5 thousand, it is often about 700-800 rubles. These steaks are made from less desirable pieces of beef, they also marble, but the taste is different, usually alternative steaks denser. The stores are steaks, too, are much cheaper. And they’re quite affordable to buy them for parties or home meals. How to cook the most popular alternative steak Denver, AIF-the Kitchen showed Alexander Gritsay, the brand-chef restaurants Hispc steak&burgers.

What is Denver?

Denver is part of the neck cut, it is most similar to a rib eye, is the continuation of it. If you look from the pelvis of the animal, the first is Picanya is a rump, then the strip loin is cut, then the sirloin, and then Denver. This steak is juicy, marbled, tender, but is many times cheaper than the ribeye, because it relates to alternative. And he denser, more powerful. But still quite soft. I would say that the ratio price-quality Denver the best option.