In Kiev will number all the posts

In Kiev will number all the posts

Moscow. 8 Feb. INTERFAX.RU Kiev city Council at the plenary session on Thursday, with 68 votes adopted the decision “About creation of city system pillar (support) geolocation by numbering the supports of external lighting and electricity in Kiev.”

As reported on the official website of the city Council, therefore, the capital plans to improve the geographical orientation and to increase the efficiency of emergency services. Based initiatives, the authors experience of Prague.

“In the Czech capital there is a numbering system of street lamps, which, after a series of precedents create novonastalih streets, avenues and boulevards, helps the service personnel, police, taxi drivers accurately and quickly identify location. Each of the pillars of the city is marked with a unique number. In the case of extraordinary events, when the result seconds, the Manager of the service reported the number of the nearest support. Police, ambulance, fire — all use this numbering,” — said the author of the draft decision, the Deputy of city Council Alexander Pabat.

According to the decision, the Executive body of Kyiv city Council should develop and adopt a Unified numbering system supports external lighting and electricity to Kiev for three months.