The sister of Kim Jong-UN will arrive for the Olympics: who is she and why is it important

The sister of Kim Jong-UN will arrive for the Olympics: who is she and why is it important

Kim Yu-Jeong will attend the opening of the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang. The United States and Japan urged not to be fooled by the “smiling diplomacy.”

The sister of Kim Jong-UN will attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang on Friday 9 February.

Kim Jeong — first nearest relative of the Kim dynasty, which will visit South Korea. It is expected that the visit will last three days.

The sister of North Korean leader will arrive in the delegation led by Kim Yong Nam, the head of the Supreme people’s Assembly.

The last time such a visit of such high-ranking officials of the DPRK to South Korea took place after the Korean war in 1953,

North Korea and South Korea at the opening of the Olympics will perform under one banner the “United Korea”. Also, the countries agreed to put a combined team in women’s hockey.

Experts believe that North Korea intends to use the Games as an excuse to get out of diplomatic isolation and mend relations with South Korea, which may be an attempt to reach out to US.

Sending to the Olympics and photogenic young lady, which will attract international attention, North Korea is trying to create a more fresh and warm image, and to mitigate potential US attempts to use the Games as a reminder of the violation of human rights in the country, experts say.

Who’s Kim Yu-Jeong?

Political career of Kim Yu-Jeong in 2014 greatly advanced; it is called the most powerful man after Kim Jong-UN.

Last year brother appointed 30-year-old Kim Yu-Jeong a member of the Politburo of the workers ‘ party. In 2015 she performs the duties of the Deputy head of the Department of propaganda and agitation of the Central Committee.

It is believed that she was born in 1987; she is the youngest daughter of Kim Jong Il. She is four years younger than his brother.

School education she and brother got in Switzerland.

In 2015, it was reported that Kim yo-Jong married a Choi sung, son of the second most powerful person in the country, Secretary of the workers ‘ party Choi Ryong-Hae.

Bloomberg wrote that the marriage of Kim Yu-Jeong with the son of an influential party official could be a step towards peace between the Northern and southern parts of the Peninsula.

In 2013, choe Ryong-Hae met with Chinese President XI Jinping in Beijing, and at the end of last year, visited South Korea, and then Russia.

Jung included in the sanctions list of the USA in connection with the involvement in human rights violations in the DPRK.