Gref spoke about his job as a janitor

Gref spoke about his job as a janitor

The head of the savings Bank called on to be indifferent to what is happening around.

Moscow. 7 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Sberbank of Russia” Herman Gref at a meeting with the finalists of the contest “Leaders of Russia” called to be attentive to what is happening around them.

I remember when I was a student, worked as a janitor. Then I got fired, really fired. I proposed a system of how to reform the entire cleaning service. To me in the morning began to come special inspectors, which was to test the quality of how I sweep. Hell I get up at five in the morning to sweep their territory and, in my opinion, I did good. The only one I checked, it was me.Herman Gretna master class in the competition in Sochi

He noted that working as a janitor “-something you can make up one’s mind, to propose, to change something for the better. No matter — it’s the yard or the neighborhood”.

“If you go in the Elevator and can see the swamp behind the hotel. This hotel was a great swamp, this hotel has a small swamp and you say the devil four years after the Olympics (XXII Olympic Winter games in Sochi — Interfax), it is clear — the Olympics did not. But after the Olympics, why this piece of land to make the Park?”—gave an example of the indifferent attitude to the surrounding world, the Chairman of the Board of Sberbank.

According to him, Sberbank of Russia operates 330 thousand people and each of them motivated by the best traditions.

“I always want to be a client of Sberbank,” said Gref.

7 Feb 2018 Sochi celebrates the start of the XXII Winter Olympic games.

The final all-Russian competition “Leaders of Russia” is held in Sochi from 7 to February 11. The winners of the final will be 100 people, they will participate in the mentoring program of the competition “Leaders of Russia” and will be able during the year to receive consultations of representatives of state authorities, top managers of leading Russian companies, heads of leading public associations.

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