Putin signed the law on classification of hotels

Putin signed the law on classification of hotels

MOSCOW, 6 Feb — RIA Novosti. Vladimir Putin signed the law on the phased introduction of obligatory classification of hotels according to the principle of awarding them “stars”.

Approve the classification of hotels, ski slopes and beaches are the state bodies responsible for tourism sector. The law will come into force from January 2019.

The project envisages compulsory acquisition of the hotels a number of stars.

From 2019 under the rules will be subject to the hotels more than 50 rooms, in 2020 — more than 15 rooms, and from 2021-th — all hotels. The status information will be posted on the website of the Ministry of culture.

Now such classification is voluntary.

The law also prohibits the hotel to work, if she was not given a specific category. Violators will face penalties.

The certificate that will be engaged in classification of hotels, valid for three years. They will be able to work all over Russia, but needs to notify the authorities of every region in which to evaluate hotels.

A list of such organizations will maintain the authorized Federal body of Executive power.

As noted by the head of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev, the main goal of the project is to improve the quality of services in the industry.

In the Federation Council, in turn, promised to carefully monitor the implementation of the hotels of the law.

History of the consideration

The document was prepared by the Ministry of culture after the corresponding order of the President. In December 2016 it has made to the government, and in January 2018, the state Duma adopted in its third and final reading.